Top 6 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Audit

Whenever a person types in a search query on a search engine, that search engine will look for different ranking signals on different websites in order to determine whether or not a website is eligible to rank for that query.

Regularly reviewing your search engine optimisation (SEO) activity will help you check that your website is optimised for search engines and if isn’t, running an audit will allow you to identify the main issues on your website that are preventing you from ranking.

Running a SEO audit is a necessary part of keeping your SEO strategy updated, if you are regularly optimising your website, you will see a regular increase of traffic to your website which should increase the amount of leads and enquiries you are getting for your business through your website.

A successful business must be accessible to its clients and found easily by search engines. If you have a business with a website, and you have invested in optimising your website, be it with an external agency or internally – conducting a regular SEO audit will prove if your investment is paying off. A good SEO audit will also help you identify different trends to help you maintain high levels of website traffic.

Putting SEO strategies in place

The most important part of creating a strong SEO strategy is to do an initial SEO audit of your website, this is extremely helpful and can quickly show you what is working and what needs to be tweaked to maximise your website’s performance.

Performing audits regularly is a great way of ensuring that your website is mobile optimised, loading quickly and allowing users to take the right action on your site. It also helps with planning the next stage of SEO activity for your website. Regular SEO audits are essential for your website’s success, here’s why:

1. Algorithms are always changing

Search engines such as Google are constantly evolving and updating their algorithms to provide a better user experience. In the past, we have seen many examples of businesses losing a huge amount of traffic on their website after a big algorithm update. You need to be aware of algorithm updates and changes in order to make necessary adjustments to your website before you lose all the traffic you worked so hard get.

2. Page cannot be found

SEO Audits - Image result for page 404

Running a SEO audit allows you to diagnose the status of your website. You’ll be able to see if you have any broken links, redirects or pages that cannot be found, along with any other errors that are reducing your website traffic. This can be quickly identified and addressed with an SEO audit.

3. Mobile optimisation and website loading time

Did you know that Google is using mobile first indexing on all websites? This means that Google now reviews the mobile version of your site before desktop, and ranks it based on results from how your website performs on mobile devices. When it comes to loading time, not only does Google rank based on a fast loading time, 40% of visitors will leave a website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

4. Monitoring your competition 

SEO audits can provide you with insights about your competitor’s websites, from their strengths to their weaknesses. You can gain insights on their SEO rankings and determine what keywords they are using and also if it’s possible to implement the same keywords into your SEO strategy, if they are performing well. You may also want to focus on keywords that they are not ranking well for competitors and boost your ranking for those instead. Having an understanding of the competition is always important for your business, especially if they are coming up ahead of you on a search engine.

5. Ranking of your keywords and progress

The best way to see if your SEO strategy is working is to start tracking and monitoring your keywords. Regular SEO audits will give you insights about your website’s overall performance, keywords that you want to rank for and how you currently rank for those terms. With SEO analysis you can regularly update your website based on the performance of your keyword rankings and monitor the progress of those updates.

6. Website traffic insights

With a full SEO website analysis and using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console you can find out about your search volume, URLs clicks, and impressions that your website is generating on search results. Increasing clicks and impressions is always a good sign that your SEO strategy is working – just make sure you regularly monitor this data.

SEO audits are a powerful way to diagnose and benchmark your website for successes, problems and the best way to identify areas for improvement. A detailed analysis will provide you with important insights about things that you need to include in your SEO strategy and fixes to maximise your website’s performance, and most importantly, generate a return on investment for your website.

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