Top Tips on How to Write the Perfect Press Release

Your business has news, and you want to share it. But how? These days, there’s a variety of ways businesses share news, whether its announced in a tweet, or detailed in a blog. Both of these are great ways of spreading the word with your existing customers, but how can you go about sharing the news to the wider audience in your industry? The answer is, of course, the press release. In this article we will share some background knowledge and tips on perfecting a press release.

Dating way back to 1906, the trusty press release is still an essential way that businesses share news. But your story will only get picked up by journos if it’s right – and getting it right can be tricky. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you write a perfect press release. If you want to get some inspiration, you can check out our work for Fotospeed.

Ask Yourself “Is This News?”

How to Write a Good Press Release?

Our first tip to write a perfect press release is to make sure your story is newsworthy. This all ties in with your angle. Consider your audience and your industry – is this something that will interest them? Is your business doing something that is new or innovative? Is your news linked to current events? If not, you’re not going to write a perfect press release.

Also, remember to consider your industry and the publications you’ll be targeting. A local newspaper will be interested in a different kind of story than an industry specific magazine. Tailor your news to your targets, and your story will get better coverage.


What Is the Best Structure for a Press Release?

This is simple – familiarise yourself with the structure of a press release. Read other press releases online, and make note of the ways they’re structured. To start, make sure you include:

  • A short title followed by a sentence-long summary
  • The main body of your release
  • The word ‘Ends’ or other standard indicator that signals that the content has ended
  • Contact details
  • An about section

The Inverted Triangle

What Is the Press Release Triangle?

A perfect press release is usually based on the inverted triangle format. This means that the important information goes at the top. Make sure that the who, what, where, and when is immediately accessible, so that both journalists and your audience know what the story is about straight away. This will not only help keep the attention of readers, but will also help journalists decide whether the story is worth their time.

Content is Key

When Isn’t Content Key?

There are a few things you can do when writing your content to ensure that your release is pitch perfect. For example, where you can, include hard numbers and concrete evidence. An arty and well written summary of your business’ new advancement is all well and good, but without evidence of why it’s significant, it’s just not news. However, remember that it’s not just all about facts – that’s certain to make your press release really boring! Quotes and opinions are just as important. These will help give your business a personal touch and help contribute to the unique angle you’re working towards.

It should also go without saying that your release should be grammatically flawless and concise – keep it to a maximum of two pages and get a colleague (or two, or three) to proofread it before you send!

The Email Subject

How to Write a Good Email Subject Line?

So now you’ve written a perfect press release, the last and most important thing you’ll write is the email.

Again, be concise! Summarise the release, but don’t go into too much detail – a couple of sentences is enough.

The email subject line is trickier – it’s the deal breaker. We’ve talked before about the importance of it in email marketing. If you don’t nail your subject line, chances are that a journalist won’t even open your email. Keep it short and sweet – explain what the release it about, but lead with the most exciting part of your story rather than your company name or the words “press release”. Remember, some email providers will only show the first few words of your subject, so make these the most exciting!

Once you’ve reached this stage, you should have crafted the perfect press release and be ready to hit send!


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