How to stand out in the professional services industry

In this increasing age of instant news and relentless promotion, it’s harder than ever for businesses to stand out and focus on being as relevant as possible in their respective sectors, especially in the professional services sector.

Different companies face different challenges. A business with a seven figure turnover might be finding it hard to flourish in a different sector they’re looking to pursue, or a small company of less than 20 people might be struggling to promote their services and all of its portfolio work when competing against larger, louder companies with bigger budgets and more outreach.

As a small, independent agency, Digital Glue knows all too well about competing against the bigger fish in the agency world. That’s what makes us efficient and effective in understanding client goals and objectives, and what we need to do in order to achieve them.

Getting your fair share of the noise 

Being experts in PR and social, it would be naïve to think that by using the same approach, this is going to give us the same level of success for each of our clients. Working across a number of areas, within the professional services industry, from venture capitalists to law firms and accountancy firms, we know how to be adaptable and understand what works best.

Getting your fair share of the noise can be difficult in a competitive industry like professional services, however, if it’s targeted and in the right publication – you can get great results.  For example, we work with a Birmingham-based venture capital firm, from February 2018, we secured over 100 pieces of coverage before the year was out. This included strong regional titles such as Birmingham Post, broadcast opportunities with ITV, and national placements with Financial Times.

It’s important to be covered in the right titles. The targeted coverage we achieved for our client led to more enquiries for a number of their investment schemes, and in turn more leads, which was a key objective.

Digital PR

Like traditional PR, digital PR contributes to brand awareness. However, one of the biggest benefits of digital PR, which traditional PR can’t offer, is its ability to increase your online presence, most notably your search engine visibility and ranking. A digital strategy involves gaining high-quality backlinks to your website, therefore improving your SEO and boosting traffic to your website.

There’s no point in getting published on any old site, however. To really reap the benefits, you need to focus on hyper-relevant sites. What sites are your audience frequenting? For example, for our clients in the professional services industry, we focus on getting published on online recruitment, HR or accountancy publications, all depending on their area of expertise.

Digital PR also builds trust, which is extremely important within the professional service industry. The first thing the majority of people do before they make any sort of service purchase is online research. When people type your brand name or a related search term into Google, you want to appear positively. Engaging content and impartial reviews on trusted sites will boost your credibility, and encourage your target audience to buy from you over a competitor. If you’re interested in finding out more about digital PR, read out previous blog on ‘A beginners guide to measuring digital PR success‘.

Start blogging

Writing regular blog content is something you can do straight away to help you build your digital PR, we regularly write blogs for our on site and for our clients, positioning them as expert leaders in their field. Blogs will drive more traffic to your website, and you can share on social media, but you can also pitch out to press, which can open up a number of feature, interview or media meeting opportunities. Do this on a consistent basis to stay front of mind, consistently fresh with content, and to demonstrate that you are both reactive and proactive within your field of expertise.

Whatever activities you focus on, PR is an incredibly powerful tool and can have a serious impact on how a business is perceived in the world. Not only can investing in PR help you maintain your reputation, but it can help you reach new audiences, build up brand awareness, impact your SEO, and be part of a mix that helps grow your business.

Working in the professional services industry and need help getting your fair share of the noise? Click here to find out more information and contact the team. 

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