How to go viral: our look at the funniest tweets of 2018 so far

What were you up to at 7.30am on 2nd November 2017? Yawning all over your fellow commuters on the bus? Repeatedly snoozing your alarm? Or maybe like us, you were being super-productive and taking in some top tips from I Choose Birmingham’s, Tom Cullen, at Social Media SL/CED. If you still aren’t subscribed to I Choose Birmingham or don’t follow them on social media, you’re not only missing out on all the juicy Birmingham secrets, you’re missing out on a good laugh.

The importance of injecting personality, particularly humour, into your social media was one of the key themes of Social Media SL/CED and is something I Choose Birmingham are expert at. Javan and Tom both discussed the importance of humanising your brand. Using a certain tone of voice on social media can make a business or an individual seem more accessible to others. Think about the type of tweets that go viral. The vast majority of them have hit 10K retweets because they’re funny and they’re relatable. When you hit the retweet or like button, it’s usually because you think the tweet is hilarious, it’s an opinion you agree with, or it makes you say, ‘OMG that is so me!’.

As we’re a quarter of the way through 2018 already and probably all need a little pick-me-up, we’ve compiled our favourite tweets of the year so far and taken a look at why they racked up the likes and retweets.

1. Always look for opportunities to be reactive and relevant – even to the weirdest news stories

In their role as Birmingham ambassadors and comedians, I Choose Birmingham of course responded in a typically hilarious fashion to the news that Ross Kemp felt more fear in Brum than he did in Afghanistan. By following both Birmingham news and general trending topics, I Choose were able to get in there with a quick quip that amused their Brum-centric audience, demonstrating their ability to be relevant and reactive.

2. You can’t go wrong with a good pun

A well-executed pun is a thing of beauty, and the sort of thing that lights up your timeline when aimlessly scrolling. If the opportunity arises for a hilarious pun, grab it! It might be simple, but you’ll be guaranteed to make your followers laugh/groan in equal measure.

If the first tweet has gone over your head, familiarise yourself with 2000’s finest, Papa Roach…


3. Turn horror into humour

There has long been suspicions that our every move on the internet is being watched by the powers that be (and the recent Facebook data scandal adds some solidity to this theory). So, the internet does what it does best – expresses our outrage and fear through humour. Of course, there are times when being serious is the only response (check out the mistake I Choose made last year), but making light of a situation is something popular tweeters do often and do well.

See also, using humour to make a serious point. Whilst the bulk of this tweet makes you chuckle, it ends on a poignant note, with the humour acting as a device to further reiterate the ridiculousness of giving teachers in the US guns. A great example of how important a single tweet can be.

4. Relate to common interests

Deep down, every human is pretty self-interested, which is why we enjoy content that relates to our own lives. Funny tweets about working and family life tend to gain popularity, probably because they serve as a reminder of the humour amongst the stress of both. The vast majority of your followers are going to have a job and a family, so tweeting about the humorous elements of these parts of their lives is a sure-fire way to create relatable content.

We highly recommend reading Zak Toscani’s thread on the stolen lunch mystery, by the way…

5. Be Chrissy Teigen

And for an extra treat, here are some of the best tweets of the year so far by serial viral tweeter, Chrissy Teigen.

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