Hitam’s work experience at Digital Glue

We were joined by digital marketing student, Hitam Hassan last for her work experience placement. Hitam worked alongside our digital marketing specialist, Tony and has written a blog on her experience with us.

My name’s Hitam and I’m currently studying digital marketing at Birmingham City University. I recently completed a work experience placement at Digital Glue. During my time there, I’ve learnt so much about digital marketing and really enjoyed my time in the office, working with the Digital Glue team.

I’d say getting work experience is incredibly important when you’re working towards a specific career. It looks good on your CV and puts you ahead of the game when you start a new job because you’ve already got the skills and experience from your placement. You will perform confidently as you will understand the aspects of the role you’re there to do.

What I love about being on a work placement is that I get to learn and put my skills into practice, creating pieces of work which is a much more enriching experience. Here’s a snapshot of what I got to experience…

On my first day I had a meeting with Tony, Digital Glue’s PPC and SEO expert. He wanted to find out what I already knew about digital marketing and we discussed what key areas I wanted to learn more about. Tony was my mentor for the week so I was given a desk right opposite him so that I could work with him. Once I was settled in I was introduced to the whole team.

Every Tuesday, Digital Glue has a team meeting where the Managing Director, Javan, gives everyone an update on how the business is doing and the team share their successes, which was really nice to see. Everyone also shares what their key focus is for the week. It was really interesting to be apart of this because it gave me insight into what everyone does in the business, it was like a family-like workplace environment. They also had team lunch on Tuesday, where the company treats everyone to a nice lunch every fortnight and we all sit and eat together.

Over the next few days I learnt how to manage Google Ads accounts for existing clients, set up a new account from scratch and create ads for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. I didn’t realise how many factors there are to consider when creating ads, such as including the right keywords that you want to rank for, testing ads to check which one is performing better and on which platform, as well as monitoring the competition.

During my placement, I needed some help coming up with some ideas for my University assignment so the team suggested we have a brain storm session, they spared time out of their busy schedule to have a meeting to discuss my brief and come up with ideas, just as they would do for a real client, it was a great experience.

Getting first hand experience of working at an agency was really eye-opening. I had to the opportunity to spend time with different members of the team and talk about their roles and what they do on daily basis. It was really interesting to find out about the different areas in marketing, and reassuring to know that there are a huge variety of career options for you. The exposure and the levels of experience you gain from being in a professional environment was unbelievable.

By doing work experience at Digital Glue, I can say with assurance that I’ll be taking a lot of knowledge and new skills with me to the next stage of my life. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and they made me feel comfortable. It’s a really fun place to work. It was a wonderful one-week work experience!

I would like to thank Digital Glue for the opportunity that they gave me to gain valuable insights into the marketing industry and thank you Tony, you have been great mentor for me throughout the week.✌🏼







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