From Politics to PR: My Time at Digital Glue

Starting at any workplace can be scary, particularly for someone with no experience in a professional environment. I came to work as an intern at Digital Glue due to my interest in PR and wanted to advance my knowledge in this field. From doing a degree in politics and international relations, and having no prior knowledge of the workings of a digital marketing agency, I felt as though I had a lot of catching up to do. However, when I walked in on my first day I felt instantly at home. 

My mentor, Jack, was extremely helpful throughout my time at the agency, and the whole team made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived. Jack got me involved in Digital Glue work, progress meetings and allowed me to see the day-to-day workings of the company. I got stuck in almost immediately, learning as I went, which really helped me to get to grips with my responsibilities. Here I round up my time at the company and what I have taken out of working at DG. 

Introduction to PR & Copywriting

Digital Glue was the perfect place to start learning while still being able to get involved in the work of my colleagues. I spent 40% of my time advancing my knowledge in the field of PR. This allowed me to learn more about SEO and copywriting indirectly. 

You quite often hear that as an intern, your main responsibility is perfecting everyone’s coffee or tea preferences. Even though, while at Digital Glue, I did enjoy having unlimited access to a coffee machine, this wasn’t my main job. From day one, I was making contacts with journalists in technology publications as well as authors for various clients. As I started, I was shown the ropes and then continued with the tasks on my own. 

As I encountered a hurdle, I would consult with Jack, who would help me deal with the problem, whether that be replying to potential influencers or writing professional sounding emails. Furthermore, while working at DG, I was allowed to get on with tasks independently.  This alleviated some of the stress of joining a new company as I was able to settle into the job without feeling too much pressure. As I got to grips with contacting influencers and publications, I started to get a better understanding of how a PR agency works and the process of creating strong relationships with potential clients.

While at Digital Glue I got involved in planning and writing newsletters for DG and clients. The technique of writing blogs and emails was a lot more relaxed compared to academic writing, which is more formal. However, with a lot of help from Lauren, I was able to get a better understanding of how a piece of copywriting comes to fruition. 

The New Environment

As a student, I have never previously worked in a professional environment. I am used to more of a library setting than that of an office. However, the office environment at DG was very social. Every other Wednesday we would have a team lunch. It meant I was able to talk to my colleagues and learn more about their life outside of the office, bringing everyone closer together. As well as this, we would always go for a drink after work on a Friday night which further improved my relationship with the team.  

The hybrid and quite laid-back atmosphere was a breath of fresh air. It helped me to get used to working at home and setting my own schedule, which will inevitably be a big part of my work later in life.  With weekly team meetings, I was able to understand better what my colleagues were getting up to while, at the same time being commended on my work. 

What Did I Learn during My Internship?

I got a lot out of my time at Digital Glue. While working in PR, I have gained an understanding of how a PR firm is generally managed. But, being part of an integrated marketing agency meant that I also got a good idea of the overall work that goes into perfecting a piece of work for a client. 

Overall, from this experience I have gotten to understand the time management skills needed when it comes to completing several pieces of work at once. Even though at university this is quite normal on a month-to-month schedule, doing it on a weekly basis made me realise the importance of being on top of your time. 

To make the most of your internship you need to: 

  • Say yes to every opportunity; even if you think you don’t have the skills to complete it, go for it and ask questions where you’re unsure. 
  • Ask questions! Ask questions after an explanation, write them down, then ask after. 

What will I take from this internship? 

  • Time Management
    • I’ve found that organising and allocating my time to finish specific tasks helped me to complete them to a higher standard and reached my goals for the week. 
  • Writing Style
    • I’ve realised how formal my writing previously was. When writing blogs, I have learnt how to tone down my academic style of writing. 
  • Collaborating 
    • When working on projects, I have learnt how to work better as a team, delegating specific tasks to other people.

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