Digital marketing becomes more important than ever

The top concern when it comes to the coronavirus crisis is, of course, public safety, but as the coronavirus crisis is keeping us all in lockdown, digital marketing is a businesses best investment and defence against it. Most of us are staying indoors and everyone is online these days. Now more than ever a successful digital marketing strategy can really make a difference to your business.

While planning your digital marketing strategy you need to think long-term as this whole situation will eventually come to an end and business will return back to normal, even if you do not think about investing your budget in digital marketing at the moment, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the long term when business is back to normal. Start planning and get ready to scale your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is simultaneously combining various digital marketing channels to promote your business to users on the internet. There are many ways and options to do this combining paid and free channels. 

Free tools to market your business

Social media networks tips

Social media networks are a free tool to market your business and reach your existing audience, sharing useful insights and tips about the current situation that we are all experiencing is a useful way to attract your existing users to your social media networks and potentially to new users. The key takeaway is that businesses should continue to run their social media networks as before with a slight change in the messaging and content they are sharing to make them relevant for the current time. Invest your time in keeping that audience engaged and build a communication network with your followers which will help you bounce back quickly when business is back to normal. 

Search engine optimisation tips

Optimising your website for search engines gives you constant free traffic and potential new customers for your business. There are a variety of ways to make your website search engine friendly and your business on top of search engines results. Use your Google My Business profile and optimise it according to your industry in order to be eligible to appear in local search engines results. You should also produce relevant and useful content for your audience, this can have a massive impact on your website traffic and aid in acquiring new users that may turn to potential customers. 

Digital Marketing Tips

Paid tools to market your business 

Paid tools such as PPC campaigns can have quite a quick turnaround on your marketing spend and the reason is that you can create extremely targeted campaigns to reach your target audience thus creating a quick turnaround in your investment.

When talking of PPC campaigns a lot of people are only thinking of Google Ads, but there are many other networks to create PPC campaigns on. Social media platforms have their own tools to create paid social media campaigns with some really good targeting options. You can use Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to amplify your marketing campaigns to a bigger audience. Be careful though as PPC campaigns can get really expensive and without the proper management and optimisation it can lead to no results. We have seen many reluctant people in the past about using PPC campaigns to advertise their businesses and their services because they have tried PPC campaigns without any results because they were managing the campaigns on their own, if you really want to make a difference in your PPC campaigns I would advise you to ask for help in setting up, managing and optimising them.

The Internet has allowed us to connect with a broad audience of people not just locally but globally, it provides businesses with great tools to market their products and services. Effectively utilising digital marketing can prove to be a game-changer for your business during this time. There are a number of free and paid ways to market your business so think about your long-term strategy because this situation is going to go away soon and you need to prepare your business for the bounce-back period.

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