Digital Glue’s 2019 goals

We thought 2017 was a busy year, but it was pretty tame compared to 2018. One of the biggest successes for Digital Glue is that we have doubled in size in the past year alone. Here are some of the highlights of 2018:

  • Added 6 new members of staff
  • Started working with a whole host of new clients
  • Launched JQ Life magazine
  • Implemented weekly ‘living the values’ award to celebrate each other’s achievements
  • Extended what we offer to existing clients
  • And still partying hard, of course

So, without further ado, let’s continue our annual tradition and look at what we want to achieve, both personally and professionally, in 2019 – and see how we did with our goals from this year. As the team is now double the size, you get a bumper edition of this blog… keep your eyes peeled for part 2 in the new year!


In 2018, Javan wanted to visit over 30 different National Trust sites with his family. Whilst Javan didn’t hit his target of 30 (we did think that was a bit ambitious, but this is Javan so you know…), they did manage to get in a fair few sites and absolutely loved seeing so many new places.

Javan’s second goal was to add two members of full-time staff to Digital Glue to support our growing customer base… well it’s fair to say Javan exceeded that goal by adding five full time members of staff and one part-time member. It’s got to be 9.5 for that, well done Javan.

Javan’s 2019 goals are:

  • Personal: In 2019 I’m running the London Marathon and would love to run that in 3hrs 30 or better. My larger target for the year is to learn a new skill along with my children.
  • Work: To finish 2019 with an expanded team to deliver results for our clients, while retaining the culture that makes Digital Glue a great place to work.


As you might remember it was a challenge in itself getting a goal from Ben in the first place. He’s turned a corner – he not only gave me an update on his 2018 goals, but gave me his 2019 goals all in the same day… and I only had to ask twice!

In 2018, Ben’s personal goal was to find his future family home.

To quote Ben I have indeed found a family home for my ‘patchwork family’. It wasn’t where I thought I might find it, and although only temporary, it has brought those special to me closer together and all under a single roof. This past year has taught me that it’s less important where you lay your hat, but whose hat you lay it alongside.” Very profound Ben.

When Ben finally did set a work goal, it was along the lines of, developing the skills and expertise of the creative team, whilst delivering excellent design solutions for our clients. Here’s what he had to say: I left my goal vague enough to ensure I smashed it! We have increased capacity, improved skills and knowledge with every member of the team, and our client work goes from strength to strength. There is always room for improvement, and I’m as driven as ever to continue to go from strength to strength.”. It’s been a year and we still don’t know what that means so Ben gets 6.5.

Ben’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: Beat last year’s second place and win the first-place cucumber award at my allotment summer show.
  • Work: Make my new 4-day week successful both personally and for Digital Glue and the creative team.


We didn’t actually get Claire’s goals for 2018 so I asked her for her biggest achievements. One of Claire’s goals was to run 1000km in 2018. She’s currently at 949km so only 50km to go, and she’s still got two weeks – I’m optimistic she’ll smash it.

In terms of work, in her words not mine, “they were all really boring”. She’s developed streamlined admin functions… whatever that means. Okay Claire, we all agree, that does sound really boring! But she did achieve this by bringing Carmen on board, who we all love, so it evens things out. Claire gets 7.0.

Claire’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: Run a sub 2hr 20min half marathon – current personal best is 2hrs and 21mins 54 seconds, to be precise!
  • Work: Continue to grow the team at Digital Glue by adding four (!) new team members in 2019.


2018 has a been a significant year for Greta. Not only has she expanded her communications team by adding three new members, she’s also had an exciting promotion to Director of PR and Communications – that alone deserves a 10 so let’s see how this stacks up against the goals she set herself for 2018.

Greta’s work goal was to make sure the comms team keep delivering amazing work for our clients and win some exciting new clients… and to take her lunch break once in a while! This is what she had to say “I can say with confidence we smashed this! We won so many exciting new clients and more work from existing clients in 2018 that we were able to double the comms team, adding a mix of new skills that will allow us to continue our growth in 2019. My lunch break… not so much. Maybe 2019 will be the year I take a break!”

Greta’s personal goal was to become fluent in Greek so that she can join in with her boyfriend’s family. Her response to this was “Ναι, επιτυχία”, which I’m going to take as an improvement. Apparently, she isn’t exactly fluent yet, but she’s now correcting her boyfriend’s grammar. Plus, with Antonios joining the team, she has someone to practice with. 9.7 Greta. I deducted 0.3 points for not taking your lunch break!

 Greta’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: Finally buy a house!
  • Work: 2019 is already shaping up to be a really exciting year. In January, I officially step into my role as Director of PR and Communications so my goal will be a build on 2018’s. I want to ensure the team are always developing and enjoying the work they’re delivering for clients.


Next up Holly, who previously did very well with her goals from last year. In 2018 Holly wanted to give Digital Glue’s interns a valued and insightful experience during their time with us. We had plenty of interns over 2018, all of which have been involved with a range of tasks and got stuck in with real projects. Holly’s also a mentor at Birmingham City University and is there to support her student throughout the year. Our interns had nothing but great things to say about their time at Digital Glue – I think it’s safe to say she achieved that one.

Holly’s personal goal was to visit a friend in Dubai and travel by herself for the first time. She was genuinely scared at the prospect of flying alone, but she did it! Holly said “I learnt not to let your mind get the better of you. From overcoming my fear of flying alone. I visited my friend in Dubai and had an unforgettable experience such as quad biking in the desert, making sand angels and experiencing the popular ladies’ nights.”  Well done Holly, you get 8.5.

Holly’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: For me and my partner to own our first home.
  • Work: To understand the different types of people we work with on a daily basis by completing a DISC profile.


Ciara scored a solid 8.7 last year, can she beat that this year? In 2018 Ciara set out to pass her driving test, to look her after skin and to visit her friends and loved ones more, in that order of importance. Ciara did in fact past her driving test woop woop (she told me to say that)! You’ll also be pleased to know that she now moisturises semi-regularly but don’t expect to see her in a Neutrogena ad until she changes to that to fully-regularly. She has made more time to see her loved ones – but still would like to do even more, if she can.

Ciara’s work goal was to develop her management skills and also work with her clients to create and deliver some cool and crazy campaigns. She definitely knocked this out the park. In 2018 she’s been promoted twice and is now an Account Manager with line management duties. Here’s what she had to say “I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in terms of management skills and client results this year and I am grateful for the support I’ve had in helping me get to where I am today. I’ve had lots of fun with client campaigns this year – we launched the Made in Brum competition for PCL Digital which was really creative and exciting – we’re hoping to continue this work in the new year.” Well done Ciara, you get 9.0.

Ciara’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: To climb the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, as well as the National 3 peaks (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis).
  • Work: Support the team in helping grow the comms team, bringing in more clients in 2019 and developing the skills of our new grad comms exec and myself!


This time last year, Yasemin was settling into her new role at DG so got a poor score of 3.6 for her goals in 2017. This time, we know she’ll do better. In 2018, Yaz’s goals were to do more extra-curricular activities, to make the most of bank holidays and book more exciting trips. Which is basically ‘do lots of stuff’. Considering Yaz was quite vague with the goal, she’s been specific with her update. I had some long weekends to Edinburgh, Istanbul, Majorca… Wales. So I’m not sure they’ve been that exciting but I have ventured out of the country a few times! As for extra-curricular activities… I am now known as the resident Snobs ambassador and now come to work armed with ridiculous stories to bore the comms team with!”

Her work goal was to take 5 minutes before the end of every day to learn something new about PR/social media marketing. She hasn’t been so successful with this but has been keeping on top of social trends and will be attending a regular social media networking event to get all the latest and greatest on social. 7.0 for you Yaz.

Yasemin’s 2019 goals:

  • Personal: More travelling, but specifically one big trip to Australia
  • Work: To become a fully-fledged Account Manager, attend regular networking events to build my network of contacts, and get stuck into more copywriting for website projects.

Ben G

Ben G joined around the same time as Yasemin but actually got a good score of 7.2. How about in 2018? Ben’s goals were to maintain his new routine of waking up early so that he can be his most productive and cut down his caffeine intake after 3pm, which is basically the same thing. This is what he had to say: I have maintained a good morning routine, however it’s not really affected productivity, I’ve mainly cut out coffee past 3/4pm and don’t drink coffee at home in the evening, which this has resulted in sleeping a lot better and waking up feeling more refreshed”. Ben, we disagree with this – we always hear you complaining about being up late, and your two goals were basically one thing! 4.0.

Ben G’s 2019 goals:

Personal: To have an amazing, enlightening and spiritual adventure travelling around India. Also upgrade my 207 to an Audi. I feel I’m ready and now competent enough at parking to never become stuck between a car and a bollard in an Asda car park… ever again.

Work: To complete a course in UX design

That’s it for now, watch this space in January 2019 for part two of DG’s goals.

Our goals help us to be better people and be better at our jobs. Want better for your business? Chat to us about how we can help you achieve your goals.



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