Digital Glue’s 2017 goals

2016 was a busy and eventful year for Digital Glue – we’ve added a few new faces to the team, started working with new and exciting clients like Packt (and gained a bit of media coverage, too!), put on an epic pub quiz for St. Mary’s hospice, and broadened the types of services we offer, like producing animated videos for some of our clients.

Now Christmas has been and gone, we’re looking forward to what 2017 has in store for Digital Glue, and to how our values can motivate us to achieve even better things for our clients this year.

We spent some time brainstorming what things we want to achieve in 2017, and also took a look back at how we did last year – giving each other a (occasionally brutal!) rating out of 10 for our efforts.


In 2016, Javan wanted to increase his emphasis on networking and spend more quality time with his family. The team decided that while Javan has been successful in spending more time at home (aside from occasionally forgetting to pick his daughter up from nursery…), his dedication to networking still needs improving, giving him a distinctly average score of 6.5. Maybe he should take the kids to his next networking event?

Javan’s 2017 goals are:

  • “To remove my phone from the situation when I’m spending time with the kids”
  • “To work with every member of the Digital Glue team to help them get better all the time.”


Ben had high hopes for 2016, setting the ambitious goal to remember people’s names, to play more office pranks on others, to commit more time to his allotment, and to play guitar more – even aiming to play at some folk events. Professionally, Ben wanted to keep the Digital Glue website looking fresh, up-to-date, and as snazzy as it is now.

Our website still looks great, and Ben did manage to jam out with friends on Christmas eve but he has yet to have had his rock star moment on the stage. He also failed to pull any significant pranks, actually falling victim to the biggest office prank of 2016 when the rest of the team hid 25 miniature Ben cut-outs around the office. For his efforts, Ben was awarded a rubbish 3.1.

Ben’s 2017 goals are:

  • “To put down roots again while creating new experiences for my boys”
  • “To deliver some exciting new clients for Digital Glue and spend more time exposed to other creative arts”


In 2016, Greta wanted to keep on learning to ensure that she delivered the best service she could to Digital Glue clients and to play the bass, read more, and spend less money on clothes in flavour of travelling. Greta faired quite well in 2016, opting for keyboard over bass (we’ll let her off) and joining a band, jetting off to Croatia, Vienna, and Barcelona, amongst others, and of course developing professionally in leaps and bounds. The team begrudgingly awarded Greta an impressive 9.7 for her all-round dedication – but can she keep it up in 2017?

Greta’s 2017 goals are:

  • “To pass my driving test”
  • “To get really good at pitching/presenting, to carry on reading more, and to keep on learning!”


In 2016, holly pledged to stop moving folders in the Google drive, and to develop her web design skills further. She also decided that ham sandwiches aren’t always the epitome of fine dining, and so would stick her toe in the foodie pool in 2016 by trying more soups. We’re pleased to report that her favourite soup of the year was Broccoli and Stilton, and that she’s also worked on lots of exciting web projects. Holly did pretty well last year, so we gave her a decent 8.9.

Holly’s 2017 goals are:

  • “To cut down the jolly holidays and make a dent in saving for a house”
  • “To develop firmer relationships with clients and give Ben a run for his money in terms of design!”


We don’t know what Ciara’s new year’s resolutions were as she only joined the team in May, but she assures us that it was probably something to do with eating healthily and that the amount of chocolate and cakes in the office really haven’t helped her in that endeavour. For that, she awarded herself a disappointing 2.

Ciara’s goals for 2017 are:

  • To get over my fear of driving and start lessons, but also (and mostly!) to travel as widely as I can and expand my horizons.”
  • “To develop in the areas I enjoy most, such as content, and develop a more strategic approach towards them. I also want to grow my confidence so that by the end of the year, I can be more self-reliant.”

Our goals are designed with giving the best service we can to our clients in mind. If you need support in achieving your goals, why not get in touch with Digital Glue?

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