Digital Glue’s 2016 Goals

At Digital Glue, one of our values is a commitment to always getting better at our jobs. We seek training where appropriate, we look to learn from each other and we create clear development plans for ourselves. This includes weekly, and even daily, goals to help us focus on what we need to achieve for both our clients and our own business.

Returning from the Christmas break gave us the opportunity to look at the bigger picture. We chatted in the office about what we wanted to achieve in 2016, in our work and in our personal lives. Here’s what we came up with.



This year, I’d like to increase my emphasis on networking. I’ve found networking to be a brilliant opportunity to meet new clients and learn from people I may not otherwise meet, so it is my aim to attend more networking events in 2016. We encourage a number of our clients to attend networking sessions to grow their business, so it is important Digital Glue do the same.

I would also like to spend more time with my family, maintaining a healthy work/life balance as Digital Glue continues to grow.


In 2016, I’m going to dedicate more time to learning in both my work and personal life. My aim is to always improve on the service I’m delivering for clients through learning new skills and knowledge, particularly in the ever-changing digital marketing industry.

In my personal life, I’m going to finally learn how to play the bass properly, read more, and spend less money on clothes and more money on visiting interesting places.


I would like to grow my professional networking skills, communicating with more people in a variety of industries. I’m looking forward to attending Birmingham Future networking events this year in order to achieve this goal.

Outside of my professional life, I am hoping to dedicate more time to volunteering locally.


Launching the new Digital Glue website at the end of 2015 was a proud moment, so I want to keep it looking as fresh as it did upon launch throughout 2016. We advise our clients that constantly updating and managing content is the key to an engaging and customer-focussed website, so I want to ensure our website is the best example of this.

I would also like to place a greater emphasis on remembering people’s names, increase office pranks on others, commit more time to my allotment, and play guitar more and perform at some folk events.


As well as stopping annoying everyone by moving folders in Google Drive, I’m going to work towards further developing my web design skills. I’ve learnt a lot about building websites during my time at Digital Glue, and I’m going to continue to improve on these skills in order to give our clients a greater benefit.

I’m also going to try and like more soups…


Our goals always come back to the benefit for the client. We would be interested to hear what your business goals are for the year ahead. Get in touch.

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