Digital Glue’s 2018 goals

If we thought 2016 was a busy year, nothing could have prepared us for 2017. Seriously. Amongst many other things, last year saw us…

  • Add 2 new people to the DG team (and we’re already preparing to add a 3rd!)
  • Start work with a whole host of new clients
  • Celebrate the achievements of our wonderful team with a couple of well-earned promotions
  • Extend what we offer to loads of our existing clients
  • Move office to a space double the size
  • Party hard, of course

As well as our usual day-to-day stuff!

If the last two years are anything to go by, 2018 doesn’t know what’s going to hit it. Or maybe we don’t know what’s going to hit us?

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what we want to achieve this year, as well how we did with our 2017 goals – and poke fun at Ben along the way.


In 2017, Javan wanted to stop using his phone when he was with the kids, as well as working with each member of the Digital Glue team to get better over the course of the year. Javan’s targets were kind of hard to measure, but considering none of us have had any demanding texts on a Saturday and that the team have definitely got even better at their jobs (who know that was possible?), we’ll give him a solid 8.1.

But don’t get too excited, J Dog. When asked for his 2018 new year’s resolutions, Javan made a point of declaring that he had set himself goals rather than resolutions. So, purely because we can, we’ve decided to knock 3 points off for thinking he’s above a time-honoured tradition. Maybe if calling them goals make them more achievable, he’ll be able to beat his score of 5.1 in 2019.

Javan’s 2018 goals are:

  • Add two new members of Full time staff to the Digital Glue team to support our growing customer base
  • Visit over 30 different National Trust sites this year with my family


Ben scored a tragic 3.1 in 2016, meaning that this year, he could only go up. Or so we hoped. In 2017, Ben wanted to put down roots and create new experiences for his two boys, as well as delivering new clients for Digital Glue and spending more time exposed to different creative arts. There was some debate around what to score Ben for his efforts this year. We’ve added tonnes of new clients to our repertoire, true, and Ben did take his kids to do some pretty exciting things – wood whittling, high rope climbing in Belgium, and a lot of tree climbing, apparently. But then again, he’s about to move house again this year and when asked about what creative arts he’s exposed himself to, he kind of went like this…

Before getting his pen stuck in his beard.

Well Ben, we can’t say you didn’t try. 6.6 for you.

Ben’s 2018 goals are:

  • To find my future family home

*Note: Despite asking several times, Ben failed to deliver a professional resolution, so we’re assuming he’s aiming to achieve nothing. Easy done.

*Note a: Ben did finally submit a professional goal, which was ‘Develop the skills and expertise of the creative team, adding skills, expertise and capacity, while delivering increasingly excellent design solutions for our clients’. Presumably he’s going to do that with increased skills and expertise.


In 2016, Greta smashed her goals, scoring an impressive 9.7. But could she keep it up on 2017?  Last year, she wanted to pass her driving test, improve her presenting skills, to read more, and to keep learning. We’re proud to report that Greta did pass her driving test, eventually, so she got off to a good start. In a professional setting Greta has flourished, growing in confidence all the time and becoming a true expert in the field of PR. She even finished a book she started 3 years ago! All in all, not a bad effort from Greta, so she’s maintained her top spot scoring another 9.7. How convenient!

Greta’s 2018 goals are:

  • To make sure the comms team keep delivering amazing work for our clients and win some exciting new clients. And take my lunch break once in a while…
  • Become fluent in Greek so I can join in with my boyfriend’s family fun. Θέλεις τσάι; will have to do for now

(P.S. Greta, ναι παρακαλώ.)


Holly was another contender for the 2017 top spot, scoring an impressive 8.6 last year thanks to all her soup-tasting sessions. To maintain her hot streak, Holly pledged to cut down the jolly holidays to make a dent in saving for a house as well as further develop her client relationships to give Ben a run for his money when it came to their design output. Don’t tell her we said so (we don’t want to inflate her ego even more to fuel her sass) but Hols is certainly design top dog and is popular with all our clients (probably because she saves her sass for us). As for saving for a house, well, the last time she went on holiday was *gasp* 6 months ago, which when she figured out, acted as if it was 6 years ago. But still, it’s a long time for her, so she must have made a dent in the piggy bank. Well done, Holly! Here’s a score of 8.2.

Holly’s goals for 2018 are:

  • To give Digital Glue interns a valued and insightful experience during their time at DG
  • To Visit friend in Dubai


Ciara gave herself a 2 last year because she didn’t end 2017 looking likes a Victoria’s Secret model. She might have been a bit hard on herself so it’s a good thing we’ve got a training session on goal setting booked in soon! In 2017, Ciara vowed to start driving lessons and to travel more. At work, she wanted to develop more in the areas she enjoyed as well as become more confident and self-reliant. Ciara has ticked her boxes pretty well this year and is hoping to book her driving test in the next few weeks. She only wishes she could have traveled more last year, so in recompense we decided to treat her to a 8.7.

Ciara’s goals for 2018 are:

  • To pass my driving test, to look after my skin, and to visit my friends and loved ones more
  • To develop my management skills and also work with my clients to create and deliver some really cool and crazy campaigns.


Yaz joined the DG team in August, so we had to ask her what new year’s resolutions she set herself at the start of 2017. Unfortunately, it was something she couldn’t really remember.  Maybe it was to move out of London. Or get fit (she bought a gym membership and went 3 times all year, apparently). Or it could have been something about being more sociable. Whatever it was, she can’t have achieved it, otherwise she would have remembered it. Tough luck, Yaz, we’re giving you a 3.6.

Yasemin’s goals for 2018 are:

  • To do more outer-cirricular activities, to make the most of bank holidays, and book more exciting trips!
  • To take 5 mins before the end of work every day to learn something new about PR/social media marketing

Ben G 

Like Yaz, Ben G joined the team last year. We asked him what resolutions he set himself a year ago and he said, “To get a new job. Which I did. In an agency, too. Which I also did. Get a job in an agency… smashed it!”

Hmm… let’s just say we’re skeptical of Ben’s honesty. While he did get a job in an agency, which would score him a 10, we decided to knock a few points off just be safe. There’s always room for improvement, Ben, so we’re awarding you 7.2.

Ben’s goals for 2018 are:

  • Maintain my new routine of waking up early so I can be my most productive and focused
  • Cut down on my caffeine intake after 3pm


Our goals help us to be better people and be better at our jobs. Want better for your business? Chat to us about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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