Defining your key marketing messages

Post Updated: 12/05/2021 16:31 BST

In a previous blog on creating a marketing strategy, we started out by defining our target audience.  Now you’ve nailed who your target audience are, it’s time to think about WHAT you’re communicating to them. We’ve put together this handy little guide to help you define your key messages. You’re welcome.

What benefits does your business offer to customers?

Now you’re familiar with your target audience, your focus should be on the benefits you can offer them. List the services and products you want to market to them. Each one should have a clear benefit to your customer. Question the emotional need that is met by your product or service. Does it make your customer’s life easier of happier? Writing down a feature of each product or service will help you identify its benefit. For example, a feature of a camera could be its compact size. The benefit to the customer is it is light and easy to transport, which makes their daily life that little bit easier. Breaking down all your products and services in this way will give you a clearer view of the messages you wish to communicate to your audience.

Can you communicate the benefits clearly and quickly?

A brilliant marketing message should be easy to recall. Overcomplicated and cluttered phrases will immediately turn your audience off. They want to know what you can do for them, and they want to know right now. Reading between the lines is for English Literature students. When developing a marketing message, consider the ‘elevator pitch’. Can you distil your message to a 15 second pitch, and make it compelling, succinct, and persuasive? Whether you use one defining message to market your business as a whole, or come up with a series of messages to market each product or service, keep your language clear and concise.

What makes you stand out?

Although you may think your business does a variety of things well, focussing on one thing you’re really good at is the key to making you stand out amongst your competitors. Define your unique selling point (USP) and centre the majority of your marketing messages on this. Once you’ve started that conversation with customers, you can begin to share all the other things you do well.

Keep it customer focussed

One of the biggest marketing mistakes businesses make is talking too much about how great they are, rather than focussing on how that greatness benefits the customer. Customers want to know what’s in it for them. They don’t care if you’re ‘award-winning’ if you don’t back that up with evidence of how you can help them. Potential customers need to feel that they can trust you to deliver what they want. Look out for a future blog post focussing on how to develop trust with clients and customers, and why this is such an important factor in achieving success in business.

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