Data Visualisation: How To Doll Up Data

What do you think when you heard the word ‘data’? Is your mind filled with all-singing, all-dancing images, or does the very thought of endless numbers send you to sleep? For a lot of people, it’s the latter. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know we’re advocates of using data in PR and marketing in the right circumstances, but for many, data is still considered a downer on creativity.

But data doesn’t have to be a terrifying list of numbers nestled in some copy that nobody can be bothered to read. A wealth of data actually offers the ultimate opportunity for creativity. Informative doesn’t mean boring. Digital Glue works with a variety of clients to turn facts and figures into visually impactful and engaging imagery that their audience will find appealing and easy to comprehend.

Research Projects

Research and survey-based projects gather a huge amount of data – that’s the whole idea, after all. Sifting through this data and figuring out how to present it is a huge challenge. When faced with challenges like this from clients, we build creative and engaging infographics by carefully analysing the research and pulling out all the key findings.


The dreaded report – from the annual financial summary to monthly client reports, it’s safe to say not many of us like creating them. In a recent issue of Creative Review, Nick Asbury discussed how the ‘routine assignment’ of an annual report can actually be creatively interesting and different. He questions the entire process of creating a report – from the length of copy to its format.

Data Visualisation Techniques

Nick Asbury uses the example of NB Studio’s 2011 annual review for the British Heart Foundation, which came housed in a handy travelcard wallet containing stories of various journeys made by BHF supporters.

Once you escape the thinking that a report has to be a dull PDF, the opportunities are endless – from stand-out graphics, to copy that tells a story whilst informing the reader of facts and figures.

The key point to remember when considering how to effectively present facts and figures is – surprise surprise – your audience. Data is everywhere consumers look in the modern world – how will yours stand out? Get in touch with us to discuss turning facts and figures into stunning imagery.

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