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This week, we had Ash in the Digital Glue head quarters on work experience. Ash is doing A-Levels in Business and Sociology, amongst others, which has given her a keen interest in learning about Marketing. We asked Ash to tell us a bit about her experience this week and what she learnt – check out her answers below!

What attracted you to want to learn more about marketing, social media, and events?

I’ve always had an interest in marketing and learning about what exactly it is that can influence someone to buy a product. Ever since I got my first smartphone I have been obsessed with social media and how it can connect so many people from around the world. Seeing how businesses use social media to promote their products and business in general has always caught my attention. I’ve always liked planning events, even if it’s just a meet up for me and my friends. I like seeing plans all coming together and seeing everyone enjoying themselves because of what I organised.

Was there anything that you were nervous about before you came? Did your experience match up with your expectations?

I wasn’t nervous to join Digital Glue because I’d say I’m quite a naturally chatty and confident person, but if someone was nervous about joining the team for work experience I would tell them not to worry. Everyone is very approachable and really friendly and the environment is just generally fun. What I liked about my work experience at the company was that they gave me a task that they wanted me to work on and left me to it, however they were there to assist me whenever I needed it. I believe this gave me a real idea of what working life in a marketing company would be like because while the rest of the team were working on their projects, I had my own to be getting on with.

What new skills do you think you have learnt?

I learnt about using Hootsuite which I didn’t even know existed before I came here! I think it was a valuable skill to learn how to use a tool like that as social media marketing is something I am interesting in pursuing as a career in the future. I’d say my time management has improved while here as I am more able to use time effectively in order to reach the targets set for me throughout the week.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Digital Glue?

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the office and basically throwing myself into something completely new!

How did your time at Digital Glue differ from what you do in college? What was the same?

Working at Digital Glue is very different than sixth form life. For example, I was given free reign here. There was a brief given to me at the start of the week to begin to organise a fundraiser pub quiz for charity. I was given a budget, a time scale, and a list of things I should begin to research into.

What would you recommend to anybody thinking of going for work experience in marketing?

I’d say it is very valuable experience. I have learnt so much more about marketing in the past week than I have in the Business Studies GCSE and A-Level courses combined! It’s very different to learning about it in the classroom as you get to have a feel for what it’s like working in the industry as well as an office environment. It has allowed me to build on my knowledge, and in my case has made me more driven to get into the career pathway of marketing.

How do you think the skills you learnt might help you in the future?

I am now more aware of what it is like to work in the office environment and I believe that will help me in future. As I want to pursue a career in marketing, I believe the work experience I have had at Digital Glue is the most valuable thing I could have done and will help me in the future, as I may be more advanced in certain things than others that I can add to my CV if they have not done work experience in the marketing sector.

Where is your next breakthrough coming from?

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