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Our values

At Digital Glue, we help our clients to grow their businesses by communicating with their customers and stakeholders in ways that generate a return on their marketing investment. We do this by centring our business around a strong set of values. We wanted to display our values in the DG office in a creative and eye-catching way so they would always be at the centre of everything we do. We decided a painted mural on the office walls was the best way to present our values. The design team worked their magic creating images for each value.

We’re good at lots of things at Digital Glue but painting probably isn’t one of our skills, so we enlisted the help of the very talented Katie Mowbray, a mural artist and an illustration student at Birmingham City University. She got to work painting our values on the wall in the trademark DG orange and as you can see, the results are impressive!

Digital Glue Values:

– Listening first

We seek to understand the organisations we work with; not only what it is they see as their strengths and weaknesses, but also their objectives and goals, and the longer term ambitions of the business and its owners.

– Putting customers first and always delivering what we say

All our decisions and actions are made on the basis of one fundamental question. ‘Will this benefit the client(s)?’ If we promise to a client or to each other, we will always deliver.

– Open and honest communication

Digital Glue is a clear and transparent place to work. To clients, we will always be clear about the status of work, what we can and can’t achieve and if any mistakes have been made we will be open and take responsibility.

– Challenging ourselves and our clients

We promise to challenge our clients if we don’t believe a brief will solve the issue. We will always be honest with our opinions! Internally, we will challenge each other to get better and to deliver the best work. We will look to push each other so that the work we produce is outstanding and that we are living by the company’s values.

– Being creative

Creativity comes not only in what we do, but also in our approach. We look at problems in different ways and seek to create solutions which others would not think of. We do this creative thinking for our clients but also for our own business

– Only employing great people

The people we employ will have the skillset or aptitude required to do their job at an exceptional level. Digital Glue will employ only people we would want to work with. High performing but low character individuals will not be employed at Digital Glue. High character people with great attitude and willingness to learn will be given a chance.

– Rewarding outstanding achievement

We actively look for opportunities to reward our team – this may not always be with financial rewards but by knowing each other, personal and unique rewards.

– Being self aware

We will always look to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and ourselves, seeking to improve where we are weak and build on our strengths. We will do this by understanding the varied personalities of the team and complimenting these through recruitment and management.

– Always getting better at our jobs

A desire to learn and improve is fundamental to working at Digital Glue. We will be worth more to our clients at any given point than when they started working with us. Anyone working at Digital Glue will be expected to improve the quality of their work on an on-going basis. We will seek training where appropriate, we will look to learn from each other and we will create clear development plans for ourselves.

– Making mistakes, and learning and improving from them

We will try new things, we will test, we will be creative and therefore mistakes will be made. We will seek to only make mistakes once and then clearly learn from those mistakes. We will use the ‘fail small’ mentality when trying new things to limit the impact of our mistakes. This will take courage and will require us to refer to many of our other values such as self-awareness, client results first, challenging ourselves and open communication.

– Enjoying each other’s company

Being part of a high performing team means knowing the people around you. Real team understanding comes from not just working together but playing together as well. Digital Glue is a fun place to work, and we create regular opportunities for the whole team to socialise together.

Click here to see a very cool time lapse video showing Katie hard at work transforming our office.

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