Adapting your SEO strategy during the COVID-19 crisis

Coronavirus (Covid-19) panic has led companies to rethink their marketing strategy for 2020. SEO is an important part of that strategy and in this blog, we are going to talk about why you need to rethink and adapt your SEO during the coronavirus pandemic. Most businesses have seen an impact in this time of uncertainty; in their website traffic, sales and leads. We are going to help guide you by making some suggestions that will have both a short term and long term impact on your 2020 SEO and marketing strategy. 

Adapt your website to the current search behaviour

You, your digital marketing agency or your SEO team needs to be on top of the current trends and users search intent in search engines. A good place to start is to create a page, a blog post, or a section on your homepage notifying existing and new customers about the operation of your business during the coronavirus crisis, and what you can do to help them. 

SEO Strategy Process

Adapt your business to the digital era

Coronavirus’ main impact is how it affects people in their daily lives. Now that face to face interaction has stopped, a lot of people and businesses are working as normal from home. In 2020, there is technology that allows you to perform almost all of your business operations from anywhere in the world, especially if your business is offering digital services or is an eCommerce business. You might want to use this time to future proof your business against future emergency situations and consider how to best digitise your business, products and services. In order for your business to make this available to new customers and reach new audiences, you need to have a solid SEO strategy in place that will allow you to be visible on search engines. You might want to consider taking care of that SEO strategy that you always neglected due to the fact that it is a long term investment.

Adapt your content strategy 

  • Updates

A thing that you need to consider is creating content that will engage and inform your users during the coronavirus crisis. As we mentioned above, the key thing to do is update your website to include a new page or a section on your homepage in order to inform your users about the operation of your business. You can then create links to important products and services that you offer. 

  • Video

Video content is now more important than ever as more users spend time indoors and consume content from every source available. Video, as we have previously talked about in other blogs, is a good way of driving traffic and engagement to your website through social media networks. You might want to think about creating more video content and using SEO tools to have insights about content that is high in searches and optimise your video to rank for those searches.

  • Blogs 

Focus on creating content that influences people and reinforces your expertise, trustworthiness and authority. Users right now might not be on a buying mode but when the crisis passes (and it will), they will have your business in mind. Creating awareness around your business and your brand is important, and can work for you both in the short and long term. 

Fix your website

Possibly the most important part of any SEO strategy is fixing the technical side of your website. There are a lot of online tools that offer quick SEO audits but they aren’t always reliable. You might want to consider getting some professional advice about the status of your website, and things that you need to immediately address in order to maximise your sites potential and increase your daily impressions, organic clicks and position on search engines results.  

Given the current situation, a lot of businesses are revisiting their marketing strategies. SEO isn’t something that you want overlooked as it can offer both short and long term results for your business. SEO is a rapidly growing and changing environment but with the right planning, it can help your overall marketing strategy and future proof your business. 

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