7 Digital marketing trends to watch in 2020

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing and evolving, new things are coming our way constantly. If you are not aware of the current trends in the industry you might be losing out on a lot of things that can help your business or your brand reach a new growing audience. 

There are a lot of trends in the digital marketing industry but in this blog post, I am going to share my view and opinion about the most important things that are going to shape digital marketing in 2020 and what I believe is going to be the most popular.

Voice search 

Everyone is talking about voice search and that you should start optimising your website to include voice search. That was a digital marketing trend of 2019 and in my opinion, your website should be optimised for long-tail keywords which work great with voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home. Nevertheless, a lot of people are saying that voice search is going to be relevant again in 2020 and I think the same, a well-optimised website should be found and rank on either voice or good old manual query search. Users ask more direct queries, to get more relevant answers, this is where long-tail keywords in your content come in handy. Using these keywords helps increase the chances of your content ranking in voice search engine result pages.

Smart bidding

Smart bidding strategies are going to be mainstream in 2020 in the digital marketing industry mostly on Google Ads. Google has already changed all the bidding strategies on its platforms to include smart bidding where conversion tracking is installed correctly. Smart bidding uses machine learning to recognise and analyse different signals in order to determine if a user is going to make a conversion, that enables the bidding to be higher or lower, based on the outcome. Smart bidding is going to evolve with the help of AI in 2020 and more marketers are going to use it instead of manual or enhanced bidding on Google Ads, it is surely one of the most interesting of the digital marketing trends.


2020 is going to be the year of animation. You can use animated videos to share a story or explain the purpose of a product. Animated videos are eye-catching and users engage more with video and animated images. Animations can increase a user’s engagement with a business or a brand by:

  • Boosting social media engagement 
  • Creating explainer videos that engage even the laziest of buyers 
  • Increasing brand awareness with ad-recall
  • Improving search engine rankings

95% of people have watched a video explaining their products or services, businesses who use animated video share personalised stories, challenges, and successes. All of which helps to humanize the brand, connect with their target audience, form authentic relationships, and grow their business. Animations are going to be widely used in 2020 by more and more marketers and business and why not, the benefits of using animation are great.


A lot of people are saying that SEO is dead, but is it? In my opinion, it definitely isn’t! A well-optimised website for your business or brand with the correct keywords generates free valuable to your business traffic every day. Please remember SEO is not only about optimising your website, about keywords, or making sure that from a technical side everything is error-free, don’t get me wrong that also plays a role in your rankings, but the thing that will make you stand from the crowd is by providing valuable content to your audience and giving them solutions to problems. Know what your audience searches for and answer those questions in your copy.


Influencer marketing has been a big thing for a few years now, but I think 2020 is going to be a great year for micro-influencers and for the brands working with them. Think about it, people with less than 30,000 followers are more engaged with their followers and have a personal connection with them with the result of infecting them more in their buying decisions. Small and medium-sized businesses are already aware of this and have started working more and more with micro-influencers rather than competing with large brands and their influencer- buying budgets. 

Shoppable posts

Facebook and Instagram are offering something called social commerce posts, which are posts that allow the user to buy products straight from Facebook/Instagram directly from the platform without the need of directing the user to any external destinations. 54% of users use social media to research products online and the end goal is to create a better user experience without the need for extra steps to complete the purchase. Shoppable posts are going to be a huge hit this year.  


As technology develops and the IoT gets bigger we can offer personalised experiences to potential and existing clients. 2020 steers us towards personalisation in the digital marketing industry and if you want to stand out you need to personalise your digital marketing strategy. That means personalised ads, emails, products and services. Big brands have already started doing this and some good examples are:

  • Easyjet with a data-driven email marketing campaign to existing customers which allowed the brand to build personalised stories in emails about its clients’ travel history and based on that suggestion on where to travel next
  • Cadbury with a personalised video campaign that matches a Dairy Milk flavour with users based on data from their Facebook profile.

Those two campaigns got some great results and worked quite well for those brands, so why not try it for your business?


We live in 2020, a year where marketing technology will move faster and consumer interests and behaviours will continuously evolve and be hard to predict. Digital Marketers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and hope that educated guesses about digital marketing and doing the same old thing will work forever. 

If you have a business, it is important that you know about the latest digital marketing trends that can help your business grow its audience and brand awareness. My advice is that you need to stand out from your competitors by following the latest digital marketing trends and implementing them into your digital marketing strategy. 

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