4 Ways Digital Marketing Changed Since 2021

The pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life. From online shopping, working from home, to how we consume media.

As a result, marketing has seen a complete shift. Brands have realised the importance of their online presence and how much of an effect this can have on consumer habits.

Many digital marketing tactics have changed over the past year. Here, we detail four of the most important marketing efforts that your business should be engaging with in order to promote success.

Honing in on your online presence

Over the past year, we have continued to see an increase in the popularity of ecommerce. In fact, in the UK, ecommerce sales are projected to make up 36.3% of total retail sales in 2022.

This is largely a result of the pandemic, which shone even more of a light on the ease of online shopping – and now there’s no going back. 

With this, we’ve seen more and more shops focusing on ecommerce and their online marketing efforts. Many have incorporated Shopify into their social media to hook customers at every avenue.

But it’s not just online retailers and B2C businesses that have shifted their marketing focus to online. Whether offering a product or a service, companies have even more noted the importance of their online presence. 

With this, more businesses are focusing on their SEO efforts, to help ensure their website is visible in as many places as possible. In addition, as search engine algorithms change, brand’s have also put a great deal of effort into ensuring their websites are as user friendly as possible. By doing this, they maximize their chances of being seen, as well as retaining customers.

If you haven’t looked at SEO or refreshed your website yet, now is the time to. You can request a free SEO audit from Digital Glue today


2021 saw podcasts continue to grow, and this is continuing to increase in popularity. Listeners in the UK increased from 16.9m in 2020, to 19.1m in 2020 and 21.2m in 2022.  It’s not surprising, since the pandemic completely altered the way we consume content, prompting us to engage in it in every method possible.

As a result, marketing efforts are continuing to shift towards podcasts. Many businesses have started their own, from Slack to Sephora.

Brand podcasts aren’t glorified adverts. Slack’s podcast discusses stories on work and office culture, innovation in the workplace and modern society as a whole.  The best branded podcasts offer real insights and valuable information to the audience, which in turn increases brand awareness and likeability. 

Sustainable marketing

Throughout 2021, we saw sustainability move from being a ‘trend’ to an urgent issue due to the ongoing climate crisis.

This means that more and more brands have been focusing on going green, and using this for digital marketing and PR campaigns. While it’s positive to see both big and small businesses focus on this issue, it’s important to practice what you preach.

Oatly was accused of greenwashing early this year after it claimed ‘’climate experts say cutting dairy and meat products from our diets is the single biggest lifestyle change we can make to reduce our environmental impact.’’ It was later revealed that it had only consulted one single expert to gather this information. 

One brand that did do it right was Patagonia with its honest green marketing campaign in 2021. It highlighted the need for organic materials, while clearly communicating that the brand still needs to do more for the environment.

With sustainable marketing, messaging is key. It’s vital to work with marketing experts to ensure you are not falling into the trap of greenwashing, and instead helping the future of the planet.

If you need support with your sustainable marketing messaging, get in touch with Digital Glue’s content team.

PR and Influencer marketing

Since the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves scrolling through social media even more. It’s not surprising, since it was a quick and easy way of staying in touch with the outside world. In fact, during the pandemic, TikTok’s influencers increased by 45% in 2021 alone.

As a result, PR and influencer marketing has become even more important to businesses. Brand’s realised the easiest way to target their customers was through creative social media campaigns and partnerships. 

A recent example of this is train enthusiast and influencer, Francis Bourgeois, who has been hired by both Gucci and Northface. Many have lauded the collaboration, and it has done wonders for brand awareness by reaching a wide audience.

2021 continued to show the importance of effective marketing, and 2022 sees many trends continuing to rise. Through good SEO, brand awareness and a clear marketing strategy that reaps the benefits of all the relevant channels, we will continue to see brands grow and flourish.

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