Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – engagement and management

Leveraging influential social media influencers to talk about your product or service can be an effective way to grow your business.

Exposing your product or service to a wide engaged social media following or like-minded individuals is often the fastest way to reach the right people.

Understanding the communities who are interested in your products or market and engaging in conversations with them is a great way to build advocacy and knowledge for your business.

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Building authentic relationships with influencers

The success of brands or products relies on the relationship with the influencer and the consumer.

Influencer marketing is based on ‘the economy of trust’. If an influencer doesn’t feel authentic, people will unfollow them and no longer engage with them. If it’s forced, it can put viewers off.

This trust is something that a traditional celebrity cannot offer, and, through this, we see the success of influencer marketing. If they believe in a product, their audience will too.

When it comes to finding and working with influencers and ambassadors for your brand, you want the person to be a genuine advocate.

Macro, micro and nano-influencers

Big brands look to YouTubers to market their products, often making them more expensive and unattainable, especially for small and medium-sized brands.

Micro and nano-influencers help brands that want an influencer marketing strategy with a level of investment that works for them. Micro-influencers generally have an audience size of around 30-50K and nano-influencers will have up to 10K followers.

Micro and nano-influencers might not have a massive reach, but they will have a huge influence on their own followers. Nano-influencers don’t require a big investment, but often require more research to find the best one for your brand.

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Integration of traditional and digital PR

Traditional media is still highly influential and has a significant reach, but building authentic story-telling methods with influencers is equally important. A massive part of news and journalism happens online.

Engaging with journalists, bloggers and vloggers through social media is often the right thing to do.

You can achieve engagement and have conversations with journalists that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Building influencer marketing around your PR plans is a great way to boost your PR activity.

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