US businesses breaking into the UK and Europe

Understanding differences to grow your business

English is the shared global language but subtle regional differences can make it difficult for US businesses to break into new territories.

Without eyes on the ground, US businesses can lack visibility of the market and miss out on profitable opportunities. Make sure that you reach the right people and drive leads and sales.

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Digital Glue offers US businesses a local presence that level-up their marketing efforts in the UK and European markets.

  • New brands who want to break into the UK without having a physical presence and are looking for sales and marketing in the territory
  • Growth businesses who are already selling in the UK but are seeing low sales and need help to maximise momentum and increase the bottom line
  • Established businesses who need support in identifying the right opportunities in the UK market so they can achieve more

We leverage an HQ-led voice while being sensitive to regional distinctions. This will make your venture across the pond much more successful and profitable.

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Questions we’ll help you answer include

Am I clear on my regional target audience and what matters to them?

We help identify and understand your regional audiences so you can amplify your message

Do I know how to adapt my sales and lead generation models to the UK and European markets?

We support you by building digital marketing programmes which makes an impact where it matters

Do I know how to reach and engage with my regional target audience?

We help by creating powerful marketing strategies which reach your audiences in the UK, Germany, France and the Nordics

Do I have someone on the ground who can support my US team?

We become the specialised extension of your team who can identify regional opportunities

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