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Why are website SEO audits important?

We often see that even when businesses have experienced teams of digital marketers, both technical and on-page SEO issues still crop up over time. An SEO audit will highlight any issues that will be affecting the organic performance of your website. By knowing these, you can take the necessary steps to minimise any negative impacts of these problems. At Digital Glue, we can also help with the implementation of any actions.

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Why is it important to have regular SEO audits on your website?

The main benefits of regular website audits are:

  1. They highlight any elements that will be impacting the performance of your website
  2. They will identify content that can be improved to boost rankings
  3. They will pinpoint improvements that can be made to enhance user experience
  4. They will ensure you are continuously working towards a high level of SEO hygiene.

Your free SEO audit will include a review and insight on:

  • Website security and GDPR compliance
  • Keywords
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Images
  • Website visibility
  • Search appearance and structured data
  • Page speed
  • Monitoring tools
  • Local SEO
  • Page usability
  • Social networking
  • Domain authority
Free SEO Audit on Your Website

What happens next?

From the moment you submit your details, we’ll start planning your SEO audit.

What you can expect:

  • Within 24 hours you will receive a phone call from Scott or Tony
  • Following that, the team will start reviewing your website and putting your SEO report together
  • You’ll receive a copy of your website’s SEO audit within 5 days of our initial conversation
  • We’ll be in touch to answer any questions or queries you may have

We pride ourselves on being helpful, informative and constructive. That’s why we look forward to running through your audit with you and addressing any concerns you might have.

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