Google Ad Grant for Non-Profits

Non-profit Google Ad Grant and Free Advertising

The Google Ad Grant programme provides $10.000 in free Google Ads advertising to select charitable, non-profit organisations.

This excludes governmental entities and organisations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities.

For more information you can read the official Google Grants eligibility guidelines.

Check if you're eligible

Getting the Google Ad Grant

Google is constantly updating, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest features and changes to policies.

Our digital marketing specialists work with you to help you understand how to get the maximum return from the Google Ad Grant.

We will check that you’re eligible, enrol you onto the programme and create your account for you.

We’ll also manage your grant to make sure you are hitting Google’s strict criteria which will enable you to keep the grant.

Maximise Awareness, Clicks and Conversions

We help manage your grant account and use it to help achieve goals.

Whether that’s hitting your fundraising targets, recruiting more volunteers or raising awareness of your cause. We’ll help you reach your objective and achieve your goals.

Our digital marketing team work with you to create custom ads, pick the right keywords and hit targets based on your goals.

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Four Steps to Maximise Your Google Ad Grant

Step 1

Enrol in Google’s G Suite for non-profits

Step 2

Apply for Google Non-profit account

Step 3

Set up a Google Ads Account for Google Ad Grant

Step 4

Manage the Ad account and meet objectives

Already have the Google Ad Grant?

If you already have applied for the ad grant and you’re not hitting your KPIs?

We can carry out an audit on your account to make sure that it is set up correctly, and diagnose any problems with the account.

If your account has been suspended, we can help you get back on track and make sure your account is compliant.

Speak to us about your existing account

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