A Free Website and Online Health Check

Is your website and online presence delivering?

In your free website health check, Digital Glue will look at:

  • Your website
  • Social Media channels
  • Other listing and review sites such as Google My Business, Trip Advisor and similar

After your website health check review, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, with clear recommendations and opportunities.

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How does your website health check work?

Step 1: Phone call – we’ll kick things off with a call, to understand your objectives for your website and online presences and any issues you see

Step 2: Review – we’ll review your site and other online presences, in light of your objectives

Step 3: Report – We’ll create a full report, which looks at best practice improvements and recommendations based on objectives. If you’re doing things well, we’ll highlight this, and if there are gaps, we’ll identify opportunities. We’ll include clear recommendations for you to implement

Step 4: Review – We’ll have another call to go through the report, answering any questions you have and making sure you understand everything in the report.

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Your website and online health check will look at

  • Your ability to be found as a business
  • The information you give out
  • How easy it is for people to contact you
  • The consistency of your brand online
  • The tools you are and aren’t using online and if they might benefit your business

This will be done across: Your website, LinkedIn, social channels & search engines.

You’ll receive a website health check report which will identify some quick wins and some larger developments. These will be actionable items which will identify why any change will benefit the business.

Finally, the recommendations will be tailored to your business and your audiences. These aren’t one size fits all recommendations but rather specific recommendations which we believe would suit your business.

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