Email marketing

Driving customer action with targeted communications

Email keeps you in touch

Email is ubiquitous.

Email marketing is therefore ubiquitous.

The good news on email marketing: There’s no better way of ensuring you can remain in regular contact with your customers, prospects and connections.
The bad news on email marketing:  Customers have become email savvy and will only engage with the emails they want.

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Make it relevant and focused

It can be difficult to get your audience to engage with emails.

Because of this, the importance of relevant, requested and focused emails is becoming more acute. Put simply, if it isn’t wanted, if the source isn’t known and if the content (or subject) doesn’t appeal, then your email won’t get opened. The truth is, even with all of these things in place there’s no guarantee.

Good open rates

What makes a successful email campaign?

Digital Glue help our clients build email marketing strategies which ensure good open rates (the percentage of times your email gets opened by recipients), good click through rates (the number of clicks the links in your email receive), and consistent results.

Our approach to email marketing is to focus on what it is the customer wants in a communication from our client, and work to deliver that.

We support our clients’ email marketing with:

  • Email design and layout
  • Copywriting
  • Clear and strong calls to action
  • Analysis and improvement
  • Split testing and refinement

Email marketing is a cost effective and relevant way of reaching your customers, contacts and prospects.

Digital Glue help our clients reach more of them.

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