eCommerce Marketing Strategy

SL/CED: eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

With more companies transitioning to online sales, competition is stronger than ever. Whether you are new to the eCommerce world or are looking to check and improve your current online setup, we run through key aspects to help you increase sales.

You can download the slides and watch the webinar below.


  • How important is SEO on an eCommerce platform?
  • What’s a good page loading speed?
  • Do you have a product feed optimised for Google?
  • Does your platform have a built in blogging feature?


  • Which platforms should you focus on?
  • Do you need to pay to be seen?
  • The ins and outs of remarketing
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • Multi-Channel eCommerce to win new customers, retain customers and grow revenues

How can order management and fulfilment software help?

  • What is OMS?
  • Benefits of one streamlined view of your business in-store and online
  • How does this help when scaling your business?

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