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Copywriting: content is king

Well-written, relevant content is king.

Whether you need copywriting for a website, a brochure, a blog, a report or a strapline; creating good copy is absolutely key.

Good content isn’t always about the most perfectly written English (although that is very important), but rather, a deep understanding of exactly what it is that a customer needs and wants.

By understanding customers, Digital Glue create content for our clients which gets their customers taking action.

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Customer-focused content is now more important than ever

Email marketing

Email marketing copy which is put together with thought and care can increase open rates, click rates and eventually, business.

Website copy

Good website copy can ensure that your business clearly communicates the benefits your products and services bring to your customers and encourages them to take action.

Regularly updated

Regularly updated content through blogs and news on your website will improve your search engine optimisation.

Short form

Short form content such as pay per click adverts on Google and Facebook can drive sales if written well.

If your business needs to communicate more effectively with your customers then give Digital Glue a call (or drop us a well written email!), and we can discuss how our copywriting team can help.

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