How Can Charities Adapt to a New Fundraising Landscape?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many industries, and the third sector is certainly one of them. In the absence of physical fundraising events for the foreseeable future, charities are now having to adapt and evolve their fundraising methods quickly. From Google Ads to virtual fundraising, the future of charity is online. Here are our tools to help your charity adapt to the new normal.

Let Google Ads help fuel your non-profit’s mission

The Google Ad Grant programme provides $10.000 in free Google advertising to select charitable non-profit organisations. Whether it’s hitting your fundraising targets, driving sign-ups to virtual events, or raising awareness of your cause, Google Ads can help.

Our guide includes all you need to get started, including:

  • What the grant offers
  • What the requirements are
  • How to get set up
  • How to make the most out of your grant
Download Digital Glue’s guide to Google Ads Grants

Hear from the experts

If you missed our Virtual SL/CED event, ‘How Can Charities Adapt to a New Fundraising Landscape?’, you can download a recording of the webinar here to catch up on all of the highlights, including:

  • Google Ads Grants top tips with Digital Glue’s digital marketing specialist, Tony Ilias
  • How Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice and St Basils make the most of their grants
  • Lee Clark from GivePenny’s tips and inspiration for getting started with virtual fundraising

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