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How to stand out in the professional services industry

10th July 2019
In this increasing age of instant news and relentless promotion, it’s harder than ever for businesses to stand out and focus on being as relevant as possible in their respective sectors, especially in the professional services sector. Different companies face different challenges. A business with

3 Reasons Why You Should Include Stories In Your Social Media Strategy

1st July 2019
Stories began in 2013, on Snapchat, as a way to share photos or videos with your friends or followers together and instantly, as opposed to sending individual messages. The concept proved to be popular and was later found on other platforms such as Instagram (2016), Facebook (2017) and WhatsApp

10 steps to a successful SEO strategy

24th June 2019
Before we get into how to make your SEO strategy successful, let’s start with what SEO is – search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to help it rank on different search engines, resulting in the growth of organic traffic and visitors to your website. Now, let’s

Influencer Marketing – should I believe the hype?

17th June 2019
The term ‘influencer’ is used a great deal in marketing circles. For many it’s becoming a new ‘go-to’ movement for marketing. The thinking is, that if we get our product into the hands of someone with a big social media following then we’ll get exposure and we’ll grow sales and our

Digital Glue to host Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice charity quiz

10th June 2019
Digital Glue is hosting a charity quiz at The Old Crown on Wednesday 26th June 2019, to help raise money for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. Digital Glue is asking local businesses to enter a team of 4-6 people and to make a donation to the Hospice. Alongside the charity quiz, those involved will

A beginners’ guide to measuring digital PR success

4th June 2019
“How do I measure the success of PR?” is a question we get asked on a regular basis. Traditionally, PR has not been easy to measure, with professionals utilising circulation figures and an editorial piece’s equivalent advertising value as their key metrics. But with the rise of digital PR,

6 key reasons why your business needs an SEO audit

30th May 2019
Whenever a person types in a search query on a search engine, that search engine will look for different ranking signals on different websites in order to determine whether or not a website is eligible to rank for that query. Regularly reviewing your search engine optimisation (SEO) activity will

Why a pattern library isn’t as scary as it first seems

21st May 2019
Your website is one of the biggest marketing assets you have, therefore making sure your website is consistent visually keeps your visitors engaged in your brand and business longer. What’s a pattern library? Simply put, a pattern library is a collection (large or small) of user interface

How to get the most out of Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits Organisations

13th May 2019
The Google Ad Grant programme provides free Google Ads to select charitable, non-profit organisations. Google is offering $10.000 a month in free advertising on the search network (check our previous blog to find out more on the differences between Google’s search and display network). Imagine

10 things you should definitely update on your website

9th May 2019
Picture this scenario; you are a successful business owner with a website to advertise and help sell your products. You set the website up 8 years ago and hired a marketing agency to create a beautiful website for you. You were so proud when it first launched! But now you can see your web traffic

How to measure the success of your marketing campaigns

2nd May 2019
Many business owners question the value of marketing. Is it really worth dedicating a significant chunk of your business budget to marketing campaigns? When executed well, then yes. You should expect your return from marketing to be 3-5 times more than your spend. It is unlikely this will be the

Creating Engaging Content – The Era of Vertical Video

26th April 2019
Creating engaging content is key to connecting with your audience, and nothing has proven more engaging than video content, but video content is changing. A few years ago, if you saw a brand post a vertical video you would most likely find it very puzzling and peculiar to watch something that took
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