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Pattern Library

Why a pattern library isn’t as scary as it first seems

21st May 2019
Your website is one of the biggest marketing assets you have, therefore making sure your website is consistent visually keeps your visitors engaged in your brand and business longer. What’s a pattern library? Simply put, a pattern library is a collection (large or small) of user interface
Google Ad Grants

How to get the most out of Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits Organisations

13th May 2019
The Google Ad Grant programme provides free Google Ads to select charitable, non-profit organisations. Google is offering $10.000 a month in free advertising on the search network (check our previous blog to find out more on the differences between Google’s search and display network). Imagine
website design

10 things you should definitely update on your website

9th May 2019
Picture this scenario; you are a successful business owner with a website to advertise and help sell your products. You set the website up 8 years ago and hired a marketing agency to create a beautiful website for you. You were so proud when it first launched! But now you can see your web traffic
marketing campaigns

How to measure the success of your marketing campaigns

2nd May 2019
Many business owners question the value of marketing. Is it really worth dedicating a significant chunk of your business budget to marketing campaigns? When executed well, then yes. You should expect your return from marketing to be 3-5 times more than your spend. It is unlikely this will be the
engaging content

Creating Engaging Content – The Era of Vertical Video

26th April 2019
Creating engaging content is key to connecting with your audience, and nothing has proven more engaging than video content, but video content is changing. A few years ago, if you saw a brand post a vertical video you would most likely find it very puzzling and peculiar to watch something that took
User Journey

How to create the best user journey for your customers

15th April 2019
If you have ever spoken to a web designer about their job, you may have found yourself drowning in technical jargon such as ‘flowchart, user flow, user journey, wireframes, and UI.’ These terms can be hard to grasp, and are often ignored when assessing priorities when it comes to designing a

8 things we learnt about managing a crisis response at SL/CED

3rd April 2019
On a bright and early morning, a number of people from local businesses joined us at The Bond for our latest SL/CED seminar ‘How to manage a crisis response’ on Friday 22nd March. Our SL/CED events are a series of seminars designed to give marketing advice in small, easy-to-digest
Crisis Communications

How to respond to a PR Crisis

22nd March 2019
A business crisis is not a new phenomenon. It’s been happening since businesses have been getting things wrong and making mistakes. So basically, as long as there have been people in business… As such, crisis communications and crisis PR is not new. The principles I’m going to talk about
The Great Egg Smash

The Great Egg Smash

20th March 2019
My husband Javan, is running the London Marathon on 28th April 2019 to raise money for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.  Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice is special to Javan and I because of the way they looked after my whole family when my Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. From the moment Dad
Google search network

Google Search Network vs Google Display Network

12th March 2019
Google Search Network vs Google Display Network: when to use them in your digital marketing strategy If you are running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns using Google Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy, you might have noticed that you’ll be given a choice using Google Search Network,

3 ways to make sure your social media campaign doesn’t tank

4th March 2019
Picture this. Your business has got something to shout about – perhaps a new product, an exciting event, or a big piece of news. You’ve spent ages putting the pieces together and you’ve worked on the perfect social media campaign to spread the word. You’ve created great design assets,

Digital Glue announced as finalist for GBCC Awards 2019

27th February 2019
Digital Glue is delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Awards 2019. Nominated for the ‘Excellence in People Development’, the award is a testament to the agency which has grown significantly since owner Javan Bramhall initially launched
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